Minimum Order Quantity : 26 MT

Available Bag Size : 1Kg, 5Kg, 10Kg, 25Kg, 50Kg

Available Bag Type : PP, Plastic, Jute, Gunny, Non-Woven


Pistachio Details

Pistachios (Pistacia vera) are cholesterol-free and a great source of vitamins and minerals, essential for healthy living. It has become a part of the ketogenic diet that mainly provides more calories either from protein or fats. Due to the myriad health benefits, the global demand for Buy Bulk pistachios Online is expanding every day.

Buy Bulk pistachios Online

  • The kernel or pista is covered up by a two-sided soft-shell that is easy to remove while consuming. People all across the world who were not aware of its health benefits earlier now have a desire to buy pistachios after the pandemic. We can say that the demand for pistachios in the worlds’ markets is increasing with the CAGR of 6.2 percent every year, according to market experts.
  • Iran was the largest producer of pistachios in 2019. Along with the United States of America, it produced 74 percent world’s production of this dried fruit. India features amongst the largest pistachios producing countries in the world along with Turkey, Syria and Iran. Jammu & Kashmir is the highest producer within India accounting for 93 percent of the total production.
  • There exists a growing demand from several countries for this dried fruit. Many of the biggest pistachios exporters or businesses have been associating with India’s first specialized B2B global platform to cater to the global demand for this dried fruit through the innovative model of exportation.
  • Interested to buy pistachios in bulk? andresentrading.com – the world’s first next-generation trusted trading partner (B2B global platform) can help you in the procurement of assured quality pistachios. You as a buyer do not have to be physically present as is of utmost importance in the post-pandemic world to make the most of this global B2B platform. All the processes are transparent and run seamlessly with the help of advanced technology instead.

Buy pistachios online


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