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Wheat Details.

Known by the name of Triticum aestivum in the agricultural scientific community, or the ‘bread wheat’ among the general populace, Buy Whole wheat Online has its roots deep in the ancient civilizations of the world. And ever since then, common wheat has been the principal ingredient in all the domestic and commercial nourishment.

  • From regular bread, chapatti, and loaf to cakes and donuts, common wheat is has its presence trans-culturally as well as trans-continentally. Get ready for a nutritious starchy delight.
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Buy Whole wheat Online Bulk on Andresen Trading

Wheat grain is the most consumed staple foods all across globe. To impart a rough idea, Wheat trade is estimated to be more than the combined total of all other crops traded globally, as a repercussion of the fact that Wheat is grown on more than 218,000,000 hectares of land to be consumed. In India wheat is mostly grown in the northern states with Uttar Pradesh being the leader in the wheat production with a total production of about 15.22 million tones with Punjab at second place with the production of 15.78 MT.

Given all the whopping statistics about the abundance of wheat the in Indian subcontinent, wheat traders still struggle with the skyrocketing costs of buying wheat in bulk, which ironically is not even quoted by the actual wheat manufacturers. Andresen Trading as a solution to the unwarranted crisis provides the wheat traders the ease and satisfaction of wheat procurement through its enquiry-to-delivery trade enablement platform, which is also the world’s first, and with this dedicated platform seeks to establish a flawless trading norm, through a cost and time saving alternative by far. Andresen Trading does it by getting rid of the middle-man and connecting wheat traders directly with Buy Whole wheat Online.


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