Chivas Regal 13Years Blended Scotch Whisky

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Chivas Regal made another line of whiskies that were devoted to Manchester United. These bottles were utilized to help the Beyond Sport Foundation. This advances the utilization of sport to resolve social issues in networks all over the planet. This specific release was their 13 ear old scotch whisky, which was matured in American Rye Whiskey barrels for a considerable length of time (13years). Why 13 years? Since it celebrates the 13 English association titles won with Manchester United under the management of Sir Alex Ferguson, probably the best chief throughout the entire existence of football. Chivas Regal 13 Scotch Whisky For Sale

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This whisky is intended to celebrate its valuable genius and extraordinary capacity to succeed consistently with an always changing list of players. What’s more, very much like Sir Alex’s inheritance right up ’til the present time, we trust that with our initial 13-year-old and supreme American rye load we have made a blend of a restricted release that won’t be quickly neglected. “Sandy Hyslop, Director of Blending at Chivas. Amazing bourbon to commend perhaps the best administrator in football history, Sir Alex Ferguson. Restrictive thirteen-year-old blend – an accolade for 13 English association titles won by Manchester United. Buy Chivas Regal-13years Blended Scotch

Tasting Notes
Color; Wet Hay

Nose; The nose starts off pretty thin, yet complex. Rich notes of orange rind, Spring honey, and rye spice make themselves known. Also present are notes that remind me a little of ivory soap, and then spice cake. Wholesale Chivas regal supplier.

Palate; The body is medium. The palate starts out strong at the mid-palate with big notes of vanilla. Orange rind, rye spice, and vanilla also appear on the back palate. There is hardly anything going on at the front palate, but this is made up for by the flavor sticking to the sides of the palate. Something that reminds me of ginger-snap cookies appears on the roof of the mouth and all over the mid palate on the second sip.

Finish; The finish is medium, with notes of vanilla, rye spice, orange, and a hint of barrel char all staying on the mid-back palate.

In closing
This is a very solid scotch! I would definitely buy this for myself, especially at the price point. I think it would make a perfect dessert scotch. It has wonderful notes all throughout, and a finish that lasts long enough to allow you to take some time in between sips. This may be difficult to find, but it’s worth getting!


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