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The Long Grain Rice is one of the most popular rice varieties in the world. Its long grain size offers it resemblance to buy long grain basmati rice, which has eventually helped this rice in gaining immense popularity among the rice buyers. The length of the rice is four to five times more in length than any other non-basmati rice in the world.

The rice is fluffy and dry when cooked because of its low starch content and non-sticky in nature. Different varieties of Long Grain are available in the market. These varieties are aromatic, white, and brown.


Significant nutritional composition is found in the Long Grain Rice. The nutrients, which are required for a healthy body, like carbohydrates, protein, and low fat, are present abundantly in this rice. The rice is gluten-free, which has beneficial effects in diabetic patients. The rice is enriched with vitamins, minerals, and some other micronutrients, which are important factors for a healthy human body.


There are two types of Long grain is found in the market. One is fragrant long grain rice and the other one is non fragrant long grain rice. Among all other varieties of Long Grain Rice, Basmati is the fragrant long grain rice which has unique characteristic with exclusive flavor. India has led the Basmati Rice in the world market. However, with increasing demand for the non-basmati version of the long rice, the term ‘Long Grain Rice’ become mainly associated with non-basmati variety of rice.

We have Different varieties of Long Grain Rice found in India. The varieties are as follows:


PR-106 Long Grain Rice.

PR-106 Long Grain Rice is Long Grain Parboiled Rice. It is similar to IR-64 rice, but the rice is a little bit longer than the IR- 64 rice. The rice is widely used in the preparing of various rice recipes that are healthy and rich in taste. It is available in the domestic market at a reasonable price.

Buy IR-64 Long Grain Rice

IR-64 Long Grain Rice is highly popular among international customers due to its length. This rice resembles Extra Long Grain Basmati Rice. The IR-64 rice has high vitamin content, longer shelf life, purity, and natural aroma. The rice is manufactured in India with the help of most advanced processing units and advanced technology.

Buy IR-64 Parboiled Long Grain Rice

IR-64 Parboiled Long Grain Rice is a renowned variety worldwide. The rice is very popular due to its long grain and good cooking quality. The huge demand for the rice is from Gulf Countries and Africa due to its low cost. India holds a great world share market value of IR-64 rice.

IR-36 Long Grain Rice

IR-36 is Long Grain non-basmati rice. The grain length is approximately 6 mm. The rice is cultivated in the region of Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka states of India. Their price is low in the Indian market.


Jasmine Long Grain Rice

The rice is cultivated and produced in Thailand. Jasmine Rice is one of the best varieties of Long Grain Rice which is very popular in the world market due to its unique flavor. After cooking, the rice is soft and sticky. As compared, the grain is shorter than Basmati Rice.

PK-386 Long Grain Rice

PK-386 Long Grain Rice is a non-basmati rice variety. This rice is cultivated widely in the province of Punjab (Pakistan). It looks the same as Super kernel Long Grain Basmati Rice. Both of them look the same after cooking also. PK-386 is non- sticky rice made up of thin and slender kernels. This rice is not aromatic, while its grain length is relatively longer than other non-basmati varieties. Due to its superior cooking, it is hugely popular in the Middle East and the African rice markets.


EMATA Rice is known as long-grain rice and the shape of the grain is slender-grain type. The rice is cultivated in Myanmar. As it feels the most attractive rice in the world after polishing and is also popular in those countries where appearance is one of the important selection criteria such as the European market.

IRRI-6 Long Grain Rice

IRRI-6 Long Grain Rice is cultivated in the region of Sindh and Punjab (Pakistan). The length of the rice is very long just like Basmati Rice and is also very popular in Bangladesh, the African Continent, and Gulf markets.

IRRI-9 Long Grain Rice

IRRI-9 Long Grain Rice is non-basmati rice. The rice is Long Grain White Rice which is cultivated in the Sindh and Punjab provinces of Pakistan.


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