X8 Electric Scooter For Sale


X8 Electric Scooter For Sale

X8 Electric Scooter For Sale is a Quick Folding battery scooter 350W motor 10 inch air wheel removable battery scooter china electric scooter

  • Long Range Electric Scooter – 40 Km/25 mi base on a 10.4Ah removable battery
  • Powerful Adult Scooters – X8 Motor 350 Watts, Peak 700W output
  • Go Fast Scooters – Unlock X8 Pro Electric Scooter Max Speed 25 km/h – 20 mph
  • IP54 Cool Scooters with Smart Detachable battery 36V 10Ah
  • Removable Battery Pack – User-friendly, Easy to replace & recharge
  • Scooter Your City with Bigger Wheels- 10inch, Reinforced tires with more protection against punctures
  • Three Speed mode: (TurboAnt X7 PRO VS HX X8)
  1. Eco Scooter (No “D”): Slowest – 6 mph
  2. Comfort Mode (Grey “D”): Medium – 10 mph
  3. Pro Scootering Mode (Red “D”): Fastest – Up to 18 mph

X8 Scooter – The Holy Grail of Scooter Electrico!

The X8 PRO Electric Scooter has significant upgrade in performance from the X7 PRO Scooter, offering the same power output but extended range with 10.4Ah battery, and bigger inflatable wheels 10”. The X8 Electric Scooter For Sale scooter is ideal for rides seeking for longer range and safer riding on all terrain and occasions.

X8 Electric Scooter For Sale

X8 Electric Scooter For Sale Features

Powerful Dive Motor: X8 Electric Scooter has 350W motor and is a front wheel driving system. Peak 750 watts output can go uphill easily with 10° slope and get through almost all terrain.

X8 Electric Scooter For Sale

Top Speed: Max speed of 25 kph (18 miles). 3 riding speed modes to adapt to any occasions. Eco, Beginner, and Sport mode.

Max Range: Travel up 30-45 km (25 miles) base on a removable battery (10.4 AH). You can double your distance to 70 km (50 miles ) with a secondary battery pack.

10″ Inflatable Tires: Get through bumpy terrain easier with the 10-inch front and rear tube tires. HX X8 Scooter off-road is not a problem.


The one-step foldable design always allow on the go, folding your scooter X8 in no time. Net weighs of 13 kgs (30 lbs) makes it easy to carry with.

X8 Electric Scooter For Sale

Quick Detachable Battery: Unique embedded battery design that can be popped out easily and effortlessly. Out of juice no longer be a problem by preparing an extra battery for extended distance.

X8 Electric Scooter For Sale

Quality & Design: X8 PRO Electric Scooter UL-2272 Certified, excellent design & solid quality is built for durability and reliability. The Holy Grail of Scooter Electrico and one revolutionary last-mile vehicle for urban mobility. (X8 Pro Scooter review)

Spacious Deck: Anti-Slip deck surface for safety and 15cm wider footrest board for both feet in secure and comfortable riding position.

Ground Clearance:

A 5.5” (12 cm) off-road design allows X8 to adapt to different road conditions.

Water Resistance: HX X8 electric scooter is IP54 rated, can withstand minor water splashes. Means you are able to ride in light rain or at least able to lead to a safe location if weather gets unfavorable.

*Extreme riding in heavy rain or pooling water is not suggestive and may damage the e scooter X8. (X8 Scooter Manual)

X8 Electric Scooter For Sale

X8 Plus Safety: Triple Braking System. Rear wheel mechanical disc brake plus front wheel regenerative electronic brake, simultaneous dual brake provides the greatest stability and steer-ability. Rear fender brake is an additional safety feature that can assist in braking by just pushing the fender down.

LED Head light: X8 Pro Scooter front light enables you to ride at night or dark conditions.

X8 Electric Scooter For Sale

LED Tail Light: Rear brake tail light flashes to warn which adds safety when you’re braking.

LCD Dashboard: Kixin X8 Scooter LCD display dynamically shows speed, battery capacity & settings.


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